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*But only to me. To you, you're "me" and I'm someone else. Got it? Super. Let's read a bio.

Hi there! 

My name is Paul Conyers and I'm a comedian from the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been doing comedy since 2016, starting right before that one election. Remember that? Seemed like a very chill time when people were in the mood to laugh, so I figured why not. 

I grew up in Sacramento, California, which is not the Bay Area, stop saying it is. I moved to Oakland to try and play college basketball, which is where the real comedy took place. I was  bad. I scored 0 points my Senior Night and if you know anything about Senior Nights, you basically have a Steph Curry-sized green light to shoot as much as you want. And I did. Nothing was falling. 


Anyway I was usually able to get some decent laughs from the bench during games so I decided to give comedy a try. And since then I've been able to do some pretty cool stuff: 


  • Released new special on Open Bar Comedy Network, which you can stream here.

  • Released debut special in 2020, Above The Fray, which you can download here

  • Winner of the 2020 World Series of Comedy Main Event in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Won "Best of Fest" at the Big Pine Comedy Festival, Sacramento Comedy Festival, and the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival

  • Regular performer for Carnival Cruise Line

  • Currently playing on SiriusXM Radio, Spotify & Pandora

  • Performed at Laughs for Life, a benefit for San Francisco Suicide Prevention

  • Paid regular at clubs & casinos all over the U.S. & Canada

  • One time I rode a saddled triceratops at the Creation Museum in Boone County, Kentucky and he looked less than thrilled:

triceratops close up.PNG

I live in the East Bay with my wife and our dog Scooter, who once ate 2 full Pay Day candy bars that were supposed to be for me. 

About Me: Inner_about
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